Maine Gov. Accused Of Voter Intimidation

Maine Gov. Paul LePage is being accused of intimidating college students by saying students who vote in Tuesday’s election will be investigated to make sure they follow state law.

The Republican governor’s comment comes after officials at a private liberal arts college in Lewiston said fliers distributed on campus with incorrect information about residency and fees are a “deliberate attempt at voter suppression.”

The orange fliers were found at numerous dorms at Bates College as well. It’s unclear who was responsible for the fliers.

The leaflets say to register to vote in the city, students must pay to change their driver’s licenses to a Lewiston address “within 30 days.” They also say students must pay “hundreds of dollars” to re-register vehicles and do not give a timeframe.

Democratic Secretary of State Matt Dunlap said the information is false and said enrolled students living in the community can vote. State law doesn’t require a Maine driver’s license to vote, and establishing residency for voting doesn’t mean you have to pay any fees or taxes. [FOXNEWS]

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