Mainstream Keeps Saying People Cancelling Netflix Subscriptions Over RACIST New Series “Dear White People” are Racists…

Media Claims Being Against Racism Is Racist… If You’re White…

Netflix is releasing a new race baiting piece of propaganda called “Dear White People”.

Isn’t it ironic when people cry racism when you’re against…. racism? Apparently making the assumption that ALL WHITE PEOPLE are racist isn’t racist according to the mainstream. In fact, they take it further. If you’re against the racism being pushed by the media then, YOU are the racist! It’s the mental equivalent to a child saying “I know you are but what am I?”

Not only does this show revolve around the idea that all white people are racist… It also encourages violence against white people under the preconceived notion that all whites are bigots. That’s right! If you’re offended by someone the show encourages you to do a home invasion and viciously attack people.


Disinformation like this is why so many idiots are nothing but zombies shuffling around moaning “that’s racist”. Make sure you cancel your Netflix subscriptions and speak with your wallets. Let the mainstream know we won’t pay for their lies and manipulative words. Netflix can shove their bigoted trash back where it came from.

via Daily Caller:

The creator of “Dear White People” embraces the recent outrage over his new TV show.

Justin Simien, the show’s creator, spoke with Entertainment Tonight Thursday about the anger over the show. People called for a Netflix boycott after the trailer was released.

Simien remains unaffected by the outrage, going so far as to thank those who are angry with him.

“For me, it was really profound, encouraging in a weird way. It just brought more attention to the series. Thanks, white supremacists, you really helped me promote my show,” Simien said.

“Dear White People” is based off the film of the same name. It is centered around the experiences of black students at a majority white college. The show aims to lecture white people about racism and discrimination.


via MSN:

“Netflix announced a new anti-white show (Dear White People) that promotes white genocide. I cancelled my account, do the same. #NoNetflix,” one Twitter account posted on Wednesday. That particular tweet was grabbed and shared a few thousand times on the social platform, making Dear White People a topic of conversation as news outlets rounded up racist reactions to the show.

“For me, it was really profound, encouraging in a weird way,” Simien tells ET on Thursday, while in New York City to promote the new series, the trailer of which has now been viewed over 530,000 times in its first 24 hours.

“It just brought more attention to the series. Thanks, white supremacists, you really helped me promote my show,” he jokingly continued, adding: “I’m a little grateful, I guess, to the insanity.”

Mark Dice tears “Dear White People” to pieces.

Source: ‘Dear White People’ Creator Relishes Anger Over Show | The Daily Caller

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