Man Gets 4 Years, Kills Himself In Courtroom

(NEWSER) – A despondent reaction in a Taiwanese courtroom Thursday morning left a 41-year-old American dead. After he was handed a four-year sentence on a drug conviction, Tyrel Martin Marhanka killed himself, the Washington Post reports.

Per the Taipei Times, a judge had just informed Marhanka of his punishment for growing pot and smuggling pot and poppy seeds into Taiwan, and when Marhanka heard how much time he’d be spending behind bars, things got chaotic.

“Four years?” he was heard saying to his translator, who tried to assure Marhanka he could appeal. Marhanka didn’t want to hear that, yelled, “I don’t want to live anymore!,” then plunged two sharp metal objects into the sides of his neck, witnesses say. Court officials say it appears Marhanka brought in a pair of scissors by separating the tool into two blades and hiding the pieces inside a magazine to circumvent the building’s metal-detecting door, reports AFP.


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Christopher Kemmett

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