Man in Joker Mask Threatens to Kill Muslims

Man in Joker Mask Threatens Muslims

Psycho in Joker Mask says he and his friends will each kill 1 “Arab a week”.

“One Arab Per Week” this is the promise of the joker masked man from Quebec

In response to the massive amounts of terror attacks around the world, killing thousands of innocent lives, there rises a masked man in Quebec who has had enough. So he put on a joker mask and went to work with equal extreme ideas and threats as his counterparts wearing black hoods, beheading people. This man is speaking French in the video; some of which has been translated by Vice News. The man was arrested by Canadian police the next day…His video deleted by Youtube over and over again, while ISIS videos remain online.

Disclaimer: We do not condone hate speech or murder. (It’s sad that we have to say so)

In the above mentioned video, the man says:

“As of next week, there will be murders all across Quebec”.

In the background, a baby is crying.

“We will eliminate all of them, one by one. Islam has harmed us enough.”

Referencing the “Paris attack”, the unidentified male claims he’s recruited more than ten others to take part in the crime spree.

“I will fire a bullet in the head of one Arab per week, starting next week,” waiving around a handgun, which appears to have an orange barrel exposed when he cocked the gun. (This could be a fake gun, but looks real.)

“I guarantee you that I am serious.” the man says to all Muslims as he closes his global threat to Jihad.

Montreal police spokesperson Laurent Gingras released a statement saying: “If you make threats on social networks or on the web, there are very concrete consequences in the real world, the criminal code allows us to press charges against people who do things like this”.

It goes without saying that this is not the right way to handle the problem we are currently facing. Was this just a sick joke? Investigators didn’t think it was funny and have arrested the man responsible for making the threats.

The video below was twice removed by Youtube and is now “Youtube” friendly, hopefully…

Youtube removes “hate speech” against Muslims.

Youtube promotes “hate speech” from Muslims, by allowing THOUSANDS of radical Islamic videos to remain online.

Watch this video where a man in a joker mask threatens to kill one Muslim per week in retaliation for terrorist attacks around the world

“Youtube” friendly version.

Joker Masked Man Threatens Muslims.

“Original” upload and video can be found here: Original Video: Man in Joker Mask Threatens to Kill Muslims

Man in Joker Mask Threatens Muslims.

Here is the newest Google supported ISIS video put out just on November 16 after the Paris attacks



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