Man Shoots up Planned Parenthood

Gunman Killed One Police Officer and Two Civilians in Planned Parenthood Rampage.

Armed with an assault rifle a man stormed Planned Parenthood on a killing spree.

Three people were killed, one cop and two employees. A total of nine people were injured in the assault. All nine surviving victims, “five police officers and four civilians – were listed in good condition at area hospitals”, according to Reuters. There have also been three arson’s in recent months at Planned Parenthood facilities.

According to Reuters: “The Denver Post and the Colorado Springs Gazette newspapers, each citing an unidentified law enforcement source, reported Friday night that the suspect was identified as Robert Lewis Dear. The Post gave his age as 57, but neither paper had further details.”

This recent barrage of violence against Planned Parenthood began after The Medical Center of Progress released a series of videos, as part of an undercover investigation. The videos showed how Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts, haggling over prices and even performing after birth abortions in some cases.

Man Shoots Up Planned Parenthood

Although the standoff lasted some 6 hours at Colorado Springs, Colorado, Planned Parenthood facility, the mainstream media refused to report that the active shooter was engaged with police at the Planned Parenthood. It wasn’t until hours later that the news became detailed enough to reveal the armed man attacked the facility. “Was this a planned assault on Planned Parenthood?”, Yes. There is no question. A man entered the facility around 3pm Eastern Standard time with an assault rifle. This is a clear cut and dry story of an attack on an abortion clinic.

Why did this man attack the Planned Parenthood? That should be the question. Why? Did Planned Parenthood abort one of his children? Possibly. Or, was this a larger statement against the government sponsored murder of children nationwide? These are the questions one needs to ask right now.

The reality of what Planned Parenthood is, a eugenic based foundation started by a genocidal psychopath, demands the questioning of every American. IF you believe in abortion, that is your choice, but at least be informed of what Planned Parenthood is. How it was started, by whom, for what reason, and how the foundation operates on a regular basis funded by American taxpayers.

Planned Parenthood Corruption

Millions of Americans have been outraged at these new facts. Some people are taking the corruption as serious as murder. There then are the unbalanced individuals who can’t control themselves and have attacked Planned Parenthood facilities. This is one of those cases.

Read about the Planned Parenthood Whistleblowing Breakthrough Here (Videos).

In September Congress began holding hearings and investigating Planned Parenthood’s criminal enterprise. The Medical Center of Progress “sting” videos were posted online and then in Congress. The results of these hearings are yet to be seen; there are ten’s of bills in the process of being reviewed as possible future reform.


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Christopher Kemmett

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