Shocking Video: Man Shot With HANDS UP!

Man shot with hands up – #MSM Covering Up For Police Again

NO KNIFEA man with his arms raised in the air, Gilbert Flores, was shot by Texas Police on August 29, 2015.

Gilbert Flores Gunned Down With Hands UpCellphone footage, taken by a witness of the murder, shows police gun down a man standing approximately 20 yards away from officers with his hands up. The footage was taken from about a block away and a utility pole happened to be blocking the view of the victim’s left hand. Now CNN has jumped on this opportunity to cover for the corrupt police and say that there is a 2nd video that shows Flores might be holding a knife in that hand. Of course, they haven’t released this supposed video, we are supposed to take their word for it.


In the video below, The Real Strategy Exposes CNN Altering Footage to Promote Their Narrative


This is the raw original video that was released to the press.


You can see below that CNN is trying really hard to make people think there’s a possibility that Flores had a knife in his hand.

The witness says that Flores didn’t appear to “be any threat to the officers” at all.

Below is the footage that WAS released to the public in it’s unedited format.

You can clearly see that Flores had his hands up for about 2 seconds before he was gunned down in cold-blood. The media edited this footage to make it look like he just raised his hands and was immediately shot. When you see that he had his hands up for such a long duration, it is obvious he was trying to surrender to Police.

First, I will start by saying that if there is really a 2nd video that would disprove the “shooting a man with his hands up” theory, why wouldn’t they just release it and be done with this discussion? Second, I will say that even if the man had a knife, he was no threat to the officers at that distance. He was in a non-aggressive stance with his hands raised. Police are just waiting for any excuse they can get to kill people.

CNN is known for being liars and creating fake footage.

Did you know that the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been caught creating fake news, creating fake footage, and lying to the public countless times? However, because they are on Television, people still come back like masochists. Experience the proof for yourself:

More faked footage from the MSM.

If a second video is released in the next few days it will now be suspect because it wasn’t released immediately. This second film could be doctored by professionals like CNN to create their narrative. It wouldn’t be the first time they did something like that.

Lately the only killings of civilians by police that are covered by the news are those of white officers killing black citizens. They want to stir up division among the masses and a story about white police gunning down a white man with his hands up doesn’t fit that agenda. Did you even hear about this before today? It’s got to make you wonder…

Read my piece about MTV trying to redefine racism.

Why did George Soros fund “activists” to kill off #HandsUpDontShoot and create #BlackLivesMatter?

It was to make the discussion about race instead of public servants getting away with every crime they commit. It was to discredit our movement by causing riots and looting instead of marches and protests. It was to create blind support for police and make activists look like violent criminals. As long as the nation is focused on contrived racism, we will never focus on the real issues that are causing this death and oppression. The King of Civil RightsLet’s follow this great man’s example and make a REAL difference. Stop following Soros funded provocateurs telling you to riot and loot. This just gives our movement a bad reputation. It is time for a real change. It is time to bring the Government back down to the level of “We, the People”. The time has come to teach these bastards that we are all equals and they do not own us.

When you want to read about how the U.S. Government stopped the Revolution before it got started, click here.

More Murders by Cops not charged below.

Another Texas Cop guns down man with his hands up…

Man is shot in back while running from police.

His crime? Possession of a sword… Police said he charged at them so they shot him. Video shows different story.

Here’s a report done by TYT on this murder:

Man shot for throwing a rock.

No officers were harmed in the making of this video. No officers were charged with murder either.

LAPD Officer chases man down and shoots him multiple times in the back.

Officer finishes victim off with an execution shot from point blank. Officer was acquitted of all wrongdoing.




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