Man Who Tried to Kill Trump Was Illegal Immigrant

Illegal Alien Tried to Kill Trump

Left Wing Extremist who tried assassinating Trump was an Illegal Immigrant.

Illegal Immigrant tried to steal gun from police officer to shoot Donald Trump at a rally in Las Vegas

RT reports:

The man who attempted to steal a police officer’s gun and “kill Donald Trump” at the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, was in the US illegally, having overstayed his visa, a federal court found out during the arraignment.

Michael Steven Sandford faced a federal judge in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon, after his arrest on Saturday night at the Trump rally. The 19-year-old had tried to grab a service pistol from a Las Vegas Police Department officer.

Secret Service agents protecting the presumptive GOP nominee then arrested the teenager, whose only form of identification was a UK driver’s license.


Sandford was charged with trying to commit an act of violence on restricted grounds. At his arraignment on Monday, it was revealed that he had overstayed his visa and was in the US illegally, KLAS reported.

He was unemployed, living out of his car and has Asperger’s Syndrome – a form of autism – his public defender told Federal Magistrate Judge George Foley, according to the Associated Press. His car was identified by the authorities as a 2007 BMW 328i.

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