Media Still Waging Campaign to Discredit Sandra Bland Protests

Mainstream media outlets are trying everything they can to discredit any movement centered on Sandra Bland. They would much rather have the #BlackLivesMatter movement focusing on situations like Mike Brown’s. That way, the movement looks bad for supporting people who were not innocent victims; like Sandra Bland.

In the last several weeks, the Mainstream Media has tried taking many different routes to discredit Sandra Bland protestors. First, the WCSD released dashcam footage. When the fact that the dashcam footage was edited came to light, they released jail footage. When people found out that the jail footage was edited, they released intake footage. Now that video has also been shown to be edited and misrepresented.



In light of these circumstances, the mainstream has now resorted to covering stories about belligerent morons and attaching Sandra Bland’s name to them. While the media ignores the peaceful movement against corruption that is taking place all across the nation, they focus on the few negative people that they can find. Remember that George Soros has been caught PAYING the #BlackLivesMatter protestors. That is why the movement makes no progress.

George Soros was a Nazi collaborator in WW2 and only cares about destabilization. There is a reason that the people at the top of the #BlackLivesMatter movement are not leading their people the route of Martin Luther King Jr. or any other SUCCESSFUL movements… They are meant to fail.

So, if you want things to change in this country… If you want to truly end the corruption… Stop being followers and lead your own movements. A nation of sheep will be ruled by wolves.

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