Medicare & Medicaid MUST Go Someday … But How They Go Is Still Up In The Air

By Chris Rossini

America’s health care crisis did not begin with Obamacare. That was just the latest patchwork scam concocted by politicians and crony businesses. Trumpcare (if we ever see it) is just Obamacare with a different wrapper, so the health care crisis is going nowhere either way.

The problem with health care, however, did not begin in 2008, but rather when the government became a major player in the medical industry with the implementation of Medicare and Medicaid. In other words, the seed of government’s destruction were planted decades ago. We’re just feeling the sting now, and that sting will only increase.

These immoral, inefficient, corrupt and unconstitutional programs are the roots of America’s healthcare crisis, and someday they will have be uprooted. How they are uprooted is still within our power to control. Will it be done in a painful and catastrophic manner, in the midst of financial calamity? Or will sound decisions be made to help a dependent population wean itself off the government yoke?

It’s rather naive to think that a government that is $20,000,000,000,000 in debt will be able to fulfill the promises that it has made (and continues to make). 

Something is eventually going to break, and when it does, we’re not going to get a heads-up warning. There won’t be an announcement. When a severe financial crisis happens, it happens.

Ideally, Americans would look squarely at the fact that the U.S. federal government has both an unsustainable welfare state at home AND an unsustainable military empire abroad. Both of these cannot continue ad infinitum.

Something is going to break someday and keeping these two monsters going will only hasten that day.

Unfortunately, no one ever wants to give an inch. Once a person is on the receiving end of government money, whether it be for welfare or for warfare, just the thought of cutting a single penny is denounced with shrieks and hysteria.

Ron Paul has always suggested that the first logical step out of this mess would be to cut the military empire first. The U.S. has no constitutional authority to do what it does overseas, and it fails miserably at trying to conquer and remake the world.

Cutting the military empire first would free up trillions of dollars that can be used to tide over a dependent American population. So instead of cutting who have become dependent at home in a ruthless manner, they can be weaned off in a sane and gradual way by first getting rid of the militarism.

Young individuals could be given the ability of opting-out of government’s failed socialist programs. They could get out of the Ponzi schemes while they’re young.

This would be the easy way out.

The other option is not easy at all, and would involve a lot of pain. It would mean keeping the status quo as it is, and running the welfare and warfare until burnout.

Once the inevitable financial crisis hits, counting on promises from government will go right out the window. At that point, there will be no choice, and there will be no mercy. Government will have to cut because it literally has no other choice. 

All we have to do is look at the news from other failed socialist states. This isn’t anything new. People have been making the same mistakes over and over again. 

You still can’t have the government rob someone else to your benefit for very long. Yes, some generations will be able to get away with it at first, and some have. 

But it’s the same old story. Once people latch on to the idea that it’s OK for government to rob others on their behalf, everyone wants in on the game. There’s a mad rush. Everyone wants government to rob others for them.

Take one glance at American politics today, and it’s easy to see that we’re not at the beginning stages of the robbery game. It’s matured and has racked up quite a price tag….the biggest ever!

So we’ll either stop this by logically unwinding the military empire first, and giving people a chance to wean off of dependency and return to reality, or we’ll wait until reality bites us harder than ever before.

History is replete with examples of people choosing the latter. It’s like watching a dog chase its tail.

​But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Tyranny Rising.