Megyn Kelly’s Priceless Looks of Horror as Trump Win Becomes Inevitable

Megyn Kelly, the well-known Fox News host was seriously devastated when she first learned that Donald Trump was elected president.

Kelly behaved in a peculiar manner when the coverage of the story was ongoing, and she even teared up a little bit.

Trump and Kelly have always had a turbulent relationship, when Kelly called him a “sexual predator,” and Trump put up with it and still managed to acquire a huge victory.

VIA Conservative Tribune:

At times it appeared that she was working every angle to bring him down.

In the video clip below, Kelly looked crestfallen as her colleagues discussed the probability of Trump winning.

Perhaps she was thinking about how in the not-so-distant future she would have to refer to Trump as “Mr. President.”


It’s almost too sad to watch. Almost.

Kelly allowed her animosity toward Trump to take over last night, and in doing so she failed to remember what a Trump win meant for this country. Regardless of her feelings about Trump, Kelly was well aware that a Hillary Clinton presidency would have destroyed the foundations that made America a great nation.

Journalists are supposed to keep it together whatever the new may be. However, Kelly could not succeed in doing so when it came to Donald Trump and his victory in the elections.

We hope that she can keep her professional hat on and report on news as any other journalist would- with some dignity, professionalism and transparency.

Source: WATCH: Megyn Kelly’s Priceless Looks of Horror as Trump Win Becomes Inevitable

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