Why Michael Strickland Definitely Needed A Gun Against BLM

Michael Strickland is being unjustly charged with 2 felonies for defending himself from being attacked by a mob.

Michael Strickland was being hunted down by a large mob and pulled his concealed weapon. Subsequently he shouted for them to get back. Then you can clearly see that as soon as he knew he was safe he put away the weapon.

A mob is chasing this man and he pulls a gun telling them to get back. That leads to his arrest.

What Mike Strickland was afraid of.

Mobs aren’t logical. It turns out that they’re always a large mass of raving lunatics.

Michael Strickland actually feared for his safety; and for good reason. Coincidentally, mobs will tear you apart faster than piranha.

Watch the videos below and get a taste of what mob violence looks like. Then you can decide if you think Strickland’s behavior was truly justified.

Source: Journalist Pulls Gun On Black Lives Matter

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