Trump’s Likely VP: Mike Pence Has Consistently Backed Military, Small Government

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is a perfect VP Pick for Trump

Donald Trump’s likely VP pick Mike Pence has been consistent in backing the little guy.

Voice of America reports:

Mike Pence has led Indiana since 2013 and is locked in a tight race for re-election.  His office champions his record of tax cuts, especially for businesses, as well as his work to push for smaller government.

Late last year he ordered state agencies to suspend funding for groups that help refugees in Indiana, saying the measure would be in place until he got assurances that proper security procedures were in place.  He was one of several state leaders who at that time tried to deter the settlement of Syrian refugees following terror attacks in Paris.  A federal judge struck down the order in March calling it clearly discriminatory.

Mike Pence’s Experience

Pence served six terms in the House of Representatives after first being elected in 2000.

During his time on Capitol Hill, Pence was among the Republicans who pushed for the repeal of President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare reforms.  He also served as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Source: Mike Pence Has Consistently Backed Military, Small Government

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