Minority Report: Crime Prevention & Prediction Coming To A City Near You

It’s Called S.2123 – Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015

This legislation has 35 Co-Sponsors! That is not extremely high but is abnormal for legislation. For example, the most recently legislated bill HR 5586 has 17 C0-Sponsors, and the one before that only 7, then before that 9…you get the picture. This bill is summarized below briefly. Read the full legislation here.

TITLE 1 is basically legislation to reduce the heavy sentences enacted since the “War on Drugs”…This is how the bill got so much support. Of course, Title II is the legislation we should all be worried about. Thought crime here we come…Scroll down and read this legislation. The Post-Sentencing Risk and Needs Assessment System is a rating system that will discriminate sentencing and housing procedures for individuals with “better scores” than others….This will be determined by an algorithm. A computer system will determine if you are high-risk or low-risk, etc…Individuals with high risk will be barred from many activities, housed separately, and ineligible for reduced sentences. Computers will basically be assessing how much freedom prisoners are entitled to.

This bill is jam-packed with laws that are not only agreeable but much needed. The technocratic laws of computer controlled prisoner rating systems and release procedures were slipped into Title II. There is a very high chance this bill will pass. The reduction of drug sentences are a nationwide supported initiative. Along with that, there is legislation for expunging juvenile records and one big shocker…are you ready? Section 213 “prohibits from inclusion in an employment-related exchange records related to: (1) an arrest more than two years old that was not disposed of; (2) a non-serious offense…” This means job seekers will no longer have to include those crimes in their applications.



Corrections Oversight, Recidivism Reduction, and Eliminating Costs for Taxpayers In Our National System Act of 2015 or the CORRECTIONS Act

(Sec. 202) DOJ must review existing recidivism reduction programs and productive activities (e.g., a prison work program). The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) must expand offerings to all eligible prisoners. Certain prisoners who successfully complete a recidivism reduction program or productive activity are eligible to earn time credits and other incentives (e.g., additional telephone or visitation privileges).

(Sec. 203) DOJ must develop the Post-Sentencing Risk and Needs Assessment System for use by the BOP to assess prisoner recidivism and violence risk and ensure appropriate housing, grouping, and program assignments.

(Sec. 204) The bill amends the federal criminal code to allow pre-release custody for an additional period of time equal to a prisoner’s earned time credits for successful completion of recidivism reduction programs or productive activities. A prisoner may serve the additional period of pre-release custody in a residential reentry center, on home confinement, or on community supervision.


LAPD Has Used Computers To Predict Crime For 3 Years Now

A new study by a UCLA-led team of scholars and law enforcement officials suggests the answer is yes. A mathematical model they devised to guide where the Los Angeles Police Department should deploy officers, led to substantially lower crime rates during a recent 21-month period.

“Not only did the model predict twice as much crime as trained crime analysts predicted, but it also prevented twice as much crime,” said Jeffrey Brantingham, a UCLA professor of anthropology and senior author of the study. A paper about the work, which was also tested in Kent, England, was published online today by the Journal of the American Statistical Association.

The model was so successful that the LAPD has adopted it for use in 14 of its 21 divisions, up from three in 2013.

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