Money – The Biggest Con Job In History

With all this talk about a potential economic crash, you’ve gotta wonder: do you really know what money is? We are going to explore this avenue in depth together.

moneyWhat is money anyways?

Well, according to’s definition, money is “any article or substance used as a medium of exchange, measure of wealth, or means of payment, as checks on demand deposit or cowrie.”

Originally, paper money was created to show that the Banks owed you a certain amount of GOLD or SILVER. You would take the paper, they would take your Gold. Then people would spend the paper as if it had real value! After a while, some of the Bankers got the idea to print more paper money than the gold that they actually had in their vaults could sustain. The Bankers had learned to turn paper into GOLD!! This scheme eventually led to the creation of the Fractional Reserve Banking System we live under today.

Thomas Jefferson Quote About Banks - Money
Thomas Jefferson had this to say about Fractional Reserve Banking

To simplify what Fractional Reserve Banking actually means: basically, Banks can print money even if they don’t have the GOLD or SILVER to back that money. You see, according to this setup, the banks can print 10x more paper “money” (approximately) than they can actually support. In other words, at first your dollar was worth a dollar of Gold. When they were done, your dollar was worth 1/10 of that Gold Dollar… And they have been doing this for DECADES! You can probably imagine (and you’d be right) that our dollar today is worth less than 1/1000 of a real GOLD backed dollar. That is why Granny tells you stories about how a cheeseburger used to cost a nickel or how she could buy a gallon of gas for 17 cents. These aren’t senile exaggerations by the elderly, they are facts.

How does this affect me?

irs is private
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This affects EVERYONE who uses American Currency. It is a secret taxation on your money that most people have no idea exists. Not only do you pay an Unconstitutional “Income” Tax to the IRS (a private entity based out of Puerto Rico) every year, there’s also an unseen tax that we all pay to the Banks; the same Banks who constantly cause inflation and devaluation of the American Dollar by infinitely printing money with no backing. A tax paid to the same Banks that took BILLIONS of our TAX DOLLARS to clean up a mess that THEY CAUSED. Too big to fail? HAH! Too big to jail! America seems to have developed a nobility class that is above the law.

So, next time someone complains to you about the state of our economy, tell them the truth. Our economy would be fine if the Bankers weren’t slowly taxing the American People to death. When more people become aware of this game the Banks play with our lives, the charade must certainly come to a close. Remember that the “Federal Reserve” is as Federal as Federal Express. They are robbing us all.

Watch this video. It is both educational and entertaining. You will learn a lot from it, I guarantee it.

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