Monsanto’s Trying to Patent the Marijuana Genome!

Medicinal marijuana is fast becoming more accepted as a a legitimate treatment thanks to scientific studies and patient’s testaments. A recent change in legislation has created fears that Monsanto are about to try and cash in on this new treatment.

Despite the fact that the U.S. Government are unwilling to change national laws, five states are about to vote to change their marijuana laws in November, and it looks likely that they will vote to join the states that have already legalized it. With more states choosing to legalese, there is a real fear that big pharmaceutical companies that are notorious for being profit-driven at the expense of health will wade into this new market.

In 2015, it came to light that Monsanto, the agrochemical corporation wanted to get involved in the marijuana business.

The news was met with a great deal of contempt from medicinal marijuana enthusiasts, and was followed by a statement from Monsanto that they had no interest in expanding into this field. In April, Spokeswoman, Charla Lord told the Willamette Week “Monsanto has not, is not and has no plans for working on cultivating cannabis.”

Full story: Monsanto is Trying to Patent the Marijuana Genome!

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