MOTH: Organ Drones Take Flight In California

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Aerial technology company EHang Holdings Limited today announced a new collaboration with Lung Biotechnology PBC to develop and purchase up to 1,000 units of an evolved version of the 184, the world’s first autonomous drone for humans, to automate organ transplant delivery. The two companies have agreed to work together over the course of the next fifteen years to optimize the 184 for organ deliveries, a program which they are calling the Manufactured Organ Transport Helicopter (MOTH) system. The collaboration stands to revolutionize the way organs are transported in the U.S., with the potential to save tens of thousands of lives.


There were plenty of questions surrounding the actual real world functionality of EHang’s impressive human-sized drone when it made its debut on the CES floor back in January.

Was the Chinese manufacturer actually planning to bring the thing to market, or was the giant quadcopter more of a (admittedly quite effective) promotional tool to help attract attention to the rest of its more reasonably sized UAVs?

This morning the company announced an agreement set to deploy a fleet of the vehicles for an admirable cause. Maryland-based Lung Biotechnology PBC plans to help customize the 184, in order to provide organ deliveries to transplant patients, as part of a program the companies are referring to as the Manufactured Organ Transport Helicopter (MOTH) system.

SOURCE: TechCrunch

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