Mouse on Mars

NASA satellite has taken a picture that will change the way you think of Mars, capturing what appears to be a live “Mouse” on the surface of Mars

No life forms have ever been captured by any of the satellites orbiting Mars, or by the rovers which have been exploring Mars for the last 20 years. There have been a couple of pictures that were questionable. One picture showed what appeared to be a “face on Mars” which went viral in the early 2000’s first discovered in 1976! Then there was what appeared to be a gorilla or man sitting on a rock. None of these pictures turned out to be the actual sought after “life on Mars” which has been long awaited and suspected to exist.

A “Mouse” on Mars

Take a look at the picture and make your own conclusion. The picture depicts an exact silhouette of a mouse. You can see the small mouse body, mouse ears, and mouse tail. The picture is below, taken by the Mars “Curiosity Rover”. The picture was cleaned up and first discovered by an independent astronomer.

Mouse on Mars

Here is a time lapsed view of the “face on mars” which was a strange phenomena once awed by the public.
face on mars

man on mars
Here is a picture of the “man on Mars” first discovered in 2007 by the Mars Exploration “Spirit Rover”.

The face on Mars has since 1976 been debunked, with higher resolution images. The man on Mars has been described as an odd shaped “rock” by NASA. The mouse on Mars, is yet to be explained away…but a rock? Possibly, or it could be a rodent of some kind that lives on the Red Planet.

Recently snow has been discovered falling on Mars and running water, as well as traces of micro organisms and evidence of bacteria living in the ice. With these small microsystems apparently being a reality of the Red Planet it is more than possible that larger life forms do exist on the planet. It is only a matter of time before something is found and brought back to Earth. The Red Planet, Mars, is about half the size of Earth and remember, we haven’t even completely explored this planet, despite living here for thousands of years.

To be continued…

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