MSM Setup Minimum Wage Strawman – Republicans Burn

By Lestado Codicus | November 12, 2015

GOP Candidates Fell for a Strawman Setup on Minimum Wage

Did you enjoy the Fourth Republican Debate? Maybe you didn’t realize that it was rigged to get soundbites for the lamestream media.

The Strawman

The MSM wanted Republicans to say no to a minimum wage increase. They wanted it so badly that they made sure to ask a follow up question to EVERY CANDIDATE. “So just to be clear: You would NOT increase minimum wage?” This was the only part of the candidate’s answer that the manipulative Media wanted to hear. They just wanted a soundbite for EVERY candidate saying “no”; and they got it. The Media is already trying to exploit this misleading strawman argument.

It is vital that people understand: an increase in minimum wage will only deteriorate the spending power of the Dollar more. As wages increase, so will the cost of EVERYTHING. This effect essentially neutralizes any of your perceived benefits from giving you more money. In other words: raising the minimum wage hurts EVERYONE and does not solve the problem. Raising the minimum wage will make all money worth less. Nothing is free.

The Mainstream Elites love telling you how great raising minimum wage is. Only “crazy people” (in other words, sane and rational people who use logic and facts instead of being controlled by emotion) would be against it.


If we force business owners to pay out more wages, they will increase their prices. There would be fewer jobs in the market as well because business owners would be required to pay over 2 times more to entry level positions. Less jobs and higher prices, that’s what increasing minimum wage to $15/hour will do for you.

Of course, CNN had this to say about it. These disinfo shills had to dig through decades of data to find the rare instance that the numbers said what they wanted them to. According to CNN, we should disregard all the times that were not flukes. The minimum wage has been increased 29 times since 1938 and CNN pulls this one example out of their ass to support their claims.

“Whether raising the minimum wage prompts businesses to shed jobs remains a matter of debate. Many studies exist on either side of the argument. But there’s at least one case where the jobless rate went down: In 1997, the minimum wage increased to $5.15 an hour, from $4.75 an hour. At the start of that year, there were 7.2 million Americans without jobs. The number of unemployed subsequently fell each month until October 2001.” (CNN, 2015)

Our REAL problem is the devaluation of our money until it will inevitably become worth nothing. The only solution is to SHUT DOWN the “Federal“ Reserve and end Fractional Reserve banking. If we start printing money with real backing like Precious Metals, it would immediately lower our national debt and increase the spending power of the Dollar to what it was in the 1800’s. Would you still want a minimum wage increase if you could go to Dinner and a Movie for a dollar?

Why are people settling for minimum wage jobs anyways? Did everyone forget that pay increases as your experience and skills increase? Or is everyone just so lazy and complacent that they feel like its okay to work at Fast Food restaurants and other entry level positions for the rest of their lives?

The truth that “they” don’t want you to know is: a minimum wage increase is not what it appears. It is nothing but a Band-Aid on the gushing wound in our economy’s neck. If we allow the banks to keep printing money out of thin air, our economy is going to bleed out and we will all pay the price. Stop lobbying for higher wages and lobby for more valuable money.


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