MTV News Says Racism is a White Thing

About 50% of MTV News’ 24 newest videos are about racism. Their YouTube Channel even features a playlist called “Decoded” that focuses on racism. Why is the media pushing divisive propaganda?

Propaganda to divide over racism

Propaganda can be found everywhere these days; propaganda that strives to redefine words and stigmas. Propaganda that attempts to mold society into a culture divided by conflict with itself while sharing common consumer interests.

 “Only here’s the thing: “Reverse racism” doesn’t exist because racism cannot go in reverse.”
(Every Day Feminism, 2015)

When people are telling you that the Dictionary’s definition of a word doesn’t matter and is false, they are full of shit. Yet every day, people who are full of shit are broadcast onto Televisions everywhere and the public actually watches.

Ever wonder why society has been turned on its head? It is simply because People’s definitions and values have been twisted. This was done by manipulating the natural human desire to conform. Humans’ tendency to conform is actually an instinct born of the need for self-preservation. Humans have always been a tribal species and, before civilized behavior existed, people had to find ways to get along. How could a group of people coexist without speech or shared history? Conformity was the answer. That is what led to the creation of what we refer to as “society” and “culture”.

Conformity is the tool that brainwashing cults use to convert people into mindless drones. With the controlled use of positive reinforcement and isolation they can brainwash people in short time. Repetition of warped cultural beliefs constantly surrounding the victim influences them to become increasingly comfortable with these behaviors they would normally deem unacceptable. Isolation from the outside world prevents the victim from being able to compare the cult’s behavior to behavior patterns that are actually considered normal. Because most new cult members are voluntary recruits, they quickly conform. However, even the strongest willed individuals will eventually conform to their environment. It is human nature. You can see examples of this every day when you see institutionalized criminals released from prison.

How Brainwashing works!

Now that you know why people are slaves to their surroundings…

It is common knowledge in the psychological world that what one experiences every day influences who they are and how they behave. Every day, the masses listen to the radio, watch TV, browse social media sites, and go to work. Our culture has caused the 3 main factors of brainwashing to become dominant human behaviors. Remember isolation, conformity through repeated behavior and positive reinforcement?

In the 1900’s, before technology had taken the strong foothold it now has, people went out and socialized. Now, most people socialize on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. While people feel that this has increased connectivity globally, it has also caused people to become isolated into their own self-created virtual prisons. Social media sites actually use grouping techniques to allow people to connect with like-minded individuals. Because of this, the only interaction that people end up having with the outside world is actually with a conformed group of people who share behaviors and beliefs. People receive positive reinforcement for their shared behavior and it causes them to conform even more. Thus, the cycle continues.

One thing that all the different “groups” in our society have in common is this: they watch and listen to privately owned media. The owners of these radio stations and TV networks have financial incentives and power grabs driving them. It is beneficial for them if everyone copies everyone else. Their products will become popular just because of its reputation with the masses; removing the requirement of quality from the marketplace. Imagine how much crap you could sell if you owned a TV station…

Did you know that only 6 corporations own most of the media in America?

All the networks may have different names, but they are actually owned by the same 6 mega-corporations. These corporations have a lot more financial interests than media… How many TV commercials are actually advertising for a company that is owned by the same corporation who owns the TV station?

What’s left after all this is a divided society that’s too busy fighting each other to notice that they’re all being controlled by a small group of greedy people.


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