Muslim Asylum Seekers Kidnap White Woman, Begin SICK Facebook Live Stream

Iranian “refugees” kidnapped a white woman in Sweden and threatened to rape her on a Facebook Live stream.

Early Sunday morning, a group of Middle Eastern asylum seekers kidnapped a terrified white woman and held her hostage in an apartment. However, as soon as they pulled out their cell phone, horrified viewers were introduced to a stomach-churning Livestream video uploaded to Facebook as the sadistic migrants carried out their plans in front of a shocked audience.

Like many other social media giants, Facebook has become a platform for heinous crimes committed by the left’s special interest groups. Earlier this month, four Black Lives Matter supporters abducted a special needs Donald Trump supporter and tortured him during a live feed. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s liberal bias, conservatives have become targets for censorship while terrorists are utilizing his creation as a petri dish to grow their ideology with little resistance. As expected, Facebook and the liberal agenda are again at the center of a disturbing series of events broadcast to hundreds of viewers.

The Express reports that around 200 social media users were horrified when they encountered a Livestream video showing 3 Middle Eastern men gang-raping an incapacitated Swedish woman in her 30s in an apartment in Uppsala. The Muslim asylum seekers pushed her down on a bed and sexually assaulted her Sunday morning in front of a live audience.

“Listen! I’ll f*** out tonight,” the Iranian exclaimed. “I swear on my mother, I’ll make chaos here. I don’t care who I mess with…she has already said his word who she was raped by,” he continues, pointing to the victim.

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