Muslim “Honor Kills” Mother Cuts Heart Out Masturbates After

A Religion Has to be Pretty Extreme for the crazies to do things like this

Islam Honor Killing

Pettigen used a hammer, an axe, a knife, and a revolver to “honor kill” his mother.

Omar Pettigen
A California Muslim man murdered his mother in the name of Islam. He then removed her heart and masturbated as “a release,” extremely disturbing court documents claim.

Omar Mark Pettigen, 31, said the event felt “good” upon his arrest just north of Oakland five days after the slaying, according to charging documents obtained by The Daily News. This is insanity. What kind of religion can warp someone so radically?

Omar Pettigen was arrested after his father asked police to perform a welfare check at his ex-wife’s Fremont home on Sept. 29 because he hadn’t heard from her or Omar in a while. When officers arrived at the home Omar’s mother, Nailah Pettigen, 64, “appeared to have been disemboweled”, there was blood everywhere and the pictures have not been released to the public.
Islam Honor Killing
Basically, if a Muslim considers the person not to be a “believer” then they are free game for killing.

WoundedAmericanWarrior says: “The former American High School math teacher was found sliced from her neck down to her cervix and had her underwear around her ankles. She had also been shot at least seven times, an autopsy later found.”

Her son, who was collared in Kensington on Sunday, said he committed the vile act because she was killing herself with the prescription painkiller oxycodone, which she had become addicted to after hip and knee problems as well as surgery. Islam is not the only religion that believes deviling the human body will take you to hell. The Bible tells Christians the same thing. Jehova’s Witnesses and Mormons are also extremely outspoken on this issue. The difference between them – Islam says its okay to be the one to send them to hell, by killing them.

During an argument Pettigen had with his mother in her bedroom, he claims she pointed a gun at him. That’s when he grabbed a hammer off the bedroom wall and bludgeoned her.
Omar then left the room, only to return with a tomahawk axe which he used to chop her head over and over. He then went for a revolver kept in a closet and shot her in the back about four times.
Using a knife, he then sliced open her chest, removed her heart with his hands and then put it back in her body. He then masturbated because “he needed to be with himself and needed a release after the event,” according to the documents.

Pettigen then went out for a beer. Ironically, deviling his own body. Someone should honor kill him. Maybe the State of California will.


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