Muslim Shoots Cop in the name of Allah

Muslim charges police officer, shooting him in the name of Islam.

A traffic camera caught the vicious attack on film. Edward Archer, a muslim who lives in Philidelphia, attacked Officer Jesse Hartnett around midnight. Three bullets hit the officer in his arm, eleven shots were fired in total.

Officer Hartnett pursued Archer and eventually apprehended him. When in custody, Edward Archer confessed his crime was motivated by Allah, and the shooting was done for the good of Islam.

According to Reuters, Edward Archer was quoted, “pledging allegiance to the Islamic State” and that the reason he charged police officer Jesse Hartnett was “for Islam”. This was reported as part of Archer’s confession shortly after being arrested.

Local muslim leaders claim this act does not represent the Islam they love and follow. Archer committed the crime with a stolen gun and attacked policeman Hartnett shortly after obtaining it.

Edward Archer is yet another radicalized muslim who has pledged allegiance to ISIS. The Islamic State and many other radical groups of Islam believe the world will convert or die. This is yet another story to add to the list.


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