Mystery in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Might Be The Catalyst of Many Things To Come.

First, you should read this article about Rosatom.   Although, there are many mysterious realities that exist in Kazakhstan, there are some realities that have come to light.  Kazakhstan is the leading producer in Uranium ore.  This makes the country the most ambivalent, controversial territory on Earth.

So we know that Kazakhstan is the center point of uranium production.  We know that the Russians are behind this production with their influence in the State agency Rosatom, who controls most all global uranium operations, and is seeking to buy out the remaining competitors as they have been getting pretty good at doing this.

What else do we know about Kazakhstan?

Well, this is where the story gets weird.  For the almost two years, roughly, in the town of Kalachi, Berezovka, Bestau and Krasnogorsky thousands of people have been falling asleep, sometimes for nearly a week at a time. There are other symptoms related to this epidemic, like violent tendencies and sexual sensationalism, along with complete memory loss of the experience.  Kalachi used to be a thriving city in Kazakhstan as it was a mining town that went dry. This happened when the uranium mine became too radioactive for workers.  Now Kalachi and the surrounding villages are nearly abandoned due to the lack of economic structure which has been driving the people there into low levels of poverty.  The remaining population, due to this outbreak of sleep, are being relocated by the Prime Minister according to a recent press release on July 10, 2015.

If you want a tour of Kalachi, watch the video below.

What is causing people to fall asleep in Kazakhstan?

Good question.  No one really knows.  Scientists have been attributing the symptoms to closely related sicknesses caused by leaking gases as a possibility.  This could be related to the radioactive uranium mine in Kalachi.  Although, some scientists disagree with this theory.  And so, the mystery remains. Reportedly the collected samples from the environment have been shipped off to be studied extensively.

According to the Prime Ministry of Kazakhstan: The results of radioecological research of Kalachi were sent to the Prague Institute of Radiation Protection, Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Moscow and All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Radiology and Agroecology in Obninsk

The Sleep Epidemic in Kazakhstan is NOT being caused by carbon monoxide.

The Health Ministry of Kazakhstan tested residents of the towns who experienced the crisis and released the following statement:

According to the Health Ministry of Kazakhstan: Results of conducted blood spectrophtometric investigation on determination of carboxyhemoglobin level of diseased people of Kalachy village show that data on toxic action of carbon monoxide (carbonic oxide) is absent in these group of disease people.

You can find the data on the Kazakhstan’s government health website here:

If you google “Kazakhstan” or “Kazakhstan Sleep”, for example, you will find hundreds of articles claiming carbon monoxide is the cause of this issue.  Why? The only article besides this one, that reported the results of the blood tests was Wired Magazine and the article can be found here.

What else could be the cause of this sleep epidemic in Kazakhstan?

I thought about this for a while.  Knowing how advanced society has become, with innovations like bionic eyes and bionic arms in the last couple months…and quantum computers that allow data to exist in multiple states simultaneously…it is hard to believe there is not one scientific agreement on this issue.

One theory I have is that the sleep is being caused by people and not the environment or environmental hazards created by people.  What I mean is people are doing this on purpose.  I know..this sounds crazy.  But, I entertained the idea and did some research – make your own judgments.  I found data on weapons that cause sleep and they were created by the Russians.  The technology is called Infrasound, which uses infrasonic frequencies (below 20hz) to alter the biophysical state of a person.  Many studies have been done on this and many musicians are using it.  Also, I recently found much more mainstream government and academic data on the same subject.  The data is at the bottom of the article.

I have no clue what is going on with Kazakhstan or what is causing this sleep epidemic but one thing is for sure: The Kazakhstan Mystery is more than just a single issue.  Kazakhstan is tied to all kinds of globalist agendas.

Now, consider the fact that Kazakhstan is largely cut off from the world.  Also, that the country itself is a dictatorship.  Although they claim to be a republic with a constitution, the leader President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been in power for  26 years.

What does this type of Dictatorship mean?

This means Kazakhstan is run by a power hungry party that controls every aspect of life, including the news, education, economy, recreation, product availability, the internet, and elections.   In 1999, Kazakhstan was investigated and watched “very, very closely”…after being caught shipping fighter jets to North Korea.  The President of Kazakhstan didn’t release a single statement on the issue and the crew members admitted the fighter jets were bound for North Korea.

North Korea is now flaunting its military superiority.  Read this article if you are interested.

Axis of Evil?

Kazakhstan - Bush and NazarbayevThis sounds like the axis of evil, but Kazakhstan and the United States have a growing relationship.  Massive oil reserves were found in the Caspian Sea, in Kazakhstan waters back in 2000.  Deals were quickly set up by American companies.

Here is the oil operation set up in the Caspian Sea.  The reserves have been completely mishandled by U.S. companies and the Kazakhstan Ministry is trying to sue Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Total, and Eni over delays and contract breaches. So the oil deal didn’t go so well for Kazakhstan.  Most likely this is just another strategic move by globalist powers to control resources, namely oil.

Today, China has purchased the rights to the reserves for 5 billion dollars.  There will now be a pipeline built from the Kazakhstan shore in the Caspian where the oil will be shipped directly to China.  

Two days ago, China devalued it’s currency yet again causing a major international wave of declination in the stock markets.  The Kazakhstan currency, the “tenge” took the biggest hit.

The Kazakhstan Caspian Project

Kazakhstan - Oil

Also in 2000, Kazakhstan Transferred 1,410 nuclear Warheads to Russia.

This was described as a diplomatic issue due to the Soviet collapse ten years prior.  So then, Russia stockpiled massive amounts of nuclear weapons due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Slowly but surely, all of the valuable resources in non-Russian, Soviet territories, have been redistributed and the power over them consolidated to Russia.  This means Russia now has the most nuclear weapons on Earth and controls the most uranium.

Current status of nuclear power (estimated) in 2015.

CountryYear of first nuclear testDeployed warheadsaOther warheadsTotal Inventory
United States1945208051807260
United Kingdom195215065215
North Korea2006....6-8
Total430011 54515 850

Russia is Warmongering

Obviously the Russians are not recognizing the international treaties and arms agreements as legitamate law. Russia is enriching uranium like never before capable of creating more nuclear weapons than any other power. Russia still maintains the largest nuclear arsenal. Russia has caused extreme tension in Ukraine, another former Soviet territory.

Why wouldn’t Russia be testing it’s weapons? Recently, Russia announced the intent to begin more nuclear tests. With massive amounts of alternative technology available at their disposal, Russia could very well be testing other weapons too. Russia is openly testing a “drone killer” that can send microwaves up to 6 miles accurately enough to knock a drone, or who knows what, out of the sky. The infrasound weapons which are known to cause the release of several endorphines could easily be the culprit.

Let’s Compare Causes – Carbon Monoxide vs. Infrasound

SymptomsCarbon MonoxideInfrasound
Causes SleepYesYes
Causes DizzinessYesYes
Causes Violent BehaviorNoYes
Causes Sexual BehaviorNoYes
Causes Immediate Memory LossNoYes


So the data is in and Infrasound actually does answer more of the questions surrounding the mysterious sleep epidemic in Kazakhstan.  All of the sources can be found at the bottom of the article.

I must inform you that some scientists do believe carbon monoxide can cause memory loss but current studies only are accepted to implicate late onset effects related to this, not immediate memory loss as documented in Kazakhstan. The study can be found here:

Furthermore, Russian leaders have actually implicated the existence of these weapons and suggested the use of them in any potential wars. The data on this is unfounded due to the lack of substantial scientific agreement and implicates HAARP (Use of HIGH* Frequencies), but the threats do come from Vladimir Zhirinovsky (The Democratic Party Leader of Russia) Learn about this here.  There is however, data that scientist do agree on implicating LOW Frequency technology, Infrasound, so I have to lean on that.

Many Questions Remain Unanswered Regarding Kazakhstan.

If the government has published data refuting carbon monoxide as the definite cause here, then why are hundreds of mainstream media sites publishing contradictory information?

Are the environmental specimens and symptom analysis’ being used to establish claims rather than blood samples? Is this lack of thorough research (ignorance) or misinformation?

What is the real position of the Russia and what are it’s future goals involving Kazakhstan?

What is the real position of the U.S. and what are it’s future goals involving Kazakhstan?

What is the real position of China and what are it’s future goals involving Kazakhstan?

Why are there so many Illuminati symbols built into the infrastructure of Kazakhstan? Learn about this connection here.

We will be paying close attention to Kazakhstan in the future and following up on any movements in power, further sleep epidemics, and especially any information that remains a mystery in Kazakhstan.



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