NeverTrump TRAITORS Seriously Discussing Overriding Your Votes

“everything’s got to be on the table including letting delegates pledged to Trump to buck him anyway” -Bob Vander Plaats

Un-American “NeverTrump” Traitors Actually Considering Throwing Out What Voters Want & Forcing Their Will On Us

Daily Mail reports:

NeverTrump – ‘Our delegates have an obligation come July to do what’s right for the Republican Party, not just anoint Donald Trump,’ Cruz’s New Jersey state director Steve Lonegan told CNN Tuesday.

‘I would love to see a revolt,’ Lonegan continued. ‘And what I’m seeing right now, it’s time for the Republican Party to get some backbone and stand up against this guy.’

‘It’s time for a #DelegateRevolt!’ he tweeted this week. Other members of Cruz’s team have been calling for similar tactics.

Bob Vander Plaats, a prominent Iowa conservative who co-chaired Cruz’s campaign told NBC that ‘everything’s got to be on the table’ including letting delegates pledged to Trump to buck him anyway, the Washington Examiner reported.


Source: Ted Cruz partisans talk about staging delegate ‘coup’ at Republican National Convention | Daily Mail Online

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