New-Age Bigots – Hating White People isn’t Racist

New-Age Bigots

Welcome to the new millennium. This is a time of great hatred and discrimination. But it’s OK because only white people can be bigots… At least that’s what the new-age bigots are saying.

Racism is discrimination against someone because of their race. It is also defined as thinking one’s race is superior to all others. I am going by the proper Dictionary definition.

New-Age Bigots

There is now a new “definition” floating around in the world of Academia. A racist (yes, racist) black professor decided to redefine the word racism for the world. According to her, racism is when a race oppresses another race through political power. In other words, new-age PC “intellectuals” believe that you cannot be a racist if you don’t have political power to oppress. To further simplify it, only white people are racist because only white people ever oppressed others through law.

This is nothing new. It is called newspeak.

In George Orwell’s 1984 (a book about an oppressive government that enslaved the population) the term newspeak was coined. Newspeak means that a group of people act to redefine words in order to change society’s behavior. For example: when you redefine racism to mean that only white people are racist, you get a society full of bigots that believe it is OK to be bigots and hate white people.

Hating people of another race is RACISM. Do not fall for the disinformation. People want this nation to be divided racially so that the people do not realize that we’re ALL SLAVES to the system.

Who’s to blame?

New-Age BigotsIf you want someone to blame for the oppression in our past and present, you need only look to the government. The Government has no race; it is racially neutral. However, it is the government that has oppressed us all. It will continue to do so until idiots quit redefining things to make themselves feel better and focus on REALITY.

If you continue down this path of bigotry, white people will certainly become racist out of defensiveness. Eventually the tension will peak and society will break under the pressure.

Want  to make the world a better place? Then start with YOU.


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