New #PIZZAGATE Man Who Owns Pizza Kiosk In Portugal Was Suspect…

This is another new pizzagate breakthrough. A user on just posted a link to some information about the Mccann kidnapping.

The police in portugal were sent on a wild goose chase of sorts by a man named George Burke. The police document can be found below. George Burke just happens to also own a pizza kiosk…It is getting to the point now where I truly believe that this pedophile ring is run by a group of people who run pizza shops or that the pizzarias are themselves clubhouses for pedophiles.

Check out the new #pizzagate information below:

I’m providing links to the actual documents so you can check for yourself, but here’s a brief timeline to make sense of it.

5/4/2007 — a man named George Burke decided to tell police he saw a couple with a young girl that seemed like it might be McCann. He said he saw them at 5:55 AM. George Burke is from the UK, but for whatever reason, owns a pizza place in Portugal.

5/8/2007 — four days later, email correspondence with police reveals that George B. himself is now suspected as being involved, for why was he in town from just 7 hours after the kidnapping took place? Was he trying to misdirect police?

Here is where things get creepy.

12/4/2007 — about 7 months later, police take a visit to the pizza place to question George Brooks. George is GONE. The pizzaria shop is closed during this time. So the police visit a store nextdoor, called Lite Bites to ask the employees there if they know about George B. and his pizza place. It turns out that George also owned Lite Bites. The employee there said** the whereabouts of George were unknown since September 2007.** She provided more information about George, but that page is now MISSING from the police report.

4/24/2008 — the investigation into George seems to be abruptly ended The person sending the email assures the recipient that they spoke with “George” (his name is now put in quotation marks), and that “George” isn’t suspected anymore. Pizza hut is changed to pizza real.

Could be nothing, could be just a guy who owns a pizza shop, but it is kind of weird that the investigation ended so soon, even though he was suspected, and that parts of the police report are missing.

If he was telling the truth, I wonder how he would describe the persons he saw on May 4.

Here you go:

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