New Reparations Website Will “Free White People of Guilt”

Once on the website,, a white person can pick a black person to help.

There are two ways for a white person to interact on this new groundbreaking website. A white person can make an offer or fulfill a request. No matter which route is taken, white people are sure to be free of all guilt when the reparations payment is finalized.

For black people, there is only one way to interact on the site. Demand what you want and hope some guilty white person fulfills your order.

Like this one..

black people request to be pampered as reparations

No, this is not a joke. This is actually the most recent request a real person made on

For those who are willing to help, as stated before, an offer can be placed on the platform.

Like this one..

white people give black reparations

No, this is not a joke. I guess the irony behooves the purpose of this article considering their moderators let this one through. Pathetic.

Natasha Marin’s Twitter

Here is a youtube video of the founder (Natasha Marin) being interviewed.

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