New U.S. Army Regulations Will Allow Turbans, Hijabs & Beards

While soldiers get COURT MARTIALED for preaching Christianity in the military, Muslims get the rights to religious freedoms…


via HuffPost:

Just days into the new year, the U.S. Army has already handed a major victory to religious liberty advocates.

New Army regulations released on Tuesday state that servicemen and women at the brigade level will now be granted religious accommodations to wear turbans, beards, and hijabs in accordance with their faith. The move comes just days after the New York Police Department announced its decision to allow officers to wear turbans and grow beards for religious reasons.

Such accommodations for Army service members were previously made on a case-by-case basis.

“Based on the successful examples of Soldiers currently serving with these accommodations, I have determined that brigade-level commanders may approve requests for these accommodations,” wrote Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning in a letter announcing the decision.

The new regulations will also permit religious bracelets, as well as dreadlocks for female soldiers.

Full story: New U.S. Army Regulations Will Allow Turbans, Hijabs And Beards | The Huffington Post

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