NLP in the MSM – Exposing Mind Control


This informative video by Jonathan Adampants lays out the truth for you step by step about how NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques are used by a corrupt media to control your perspective. If this much mind manipulation goes on in just two short minutes of one interview, imagine how much they can control your mind in an entire newscast.

Brainwashing in the form of hand gestures, twisted words, name calling, interruptions, distraction, and verbal abuse are all NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) methods used to discredit Dr. Kevin Barrett. Sean Hannity of FOX News utilized every means “at hand” to make certain Mr. Barrett was unable to supply the evidence of what really happened on 9/11. Instead he had to spend the entire short time allotted to him defending himself and trying to counteract Mr. Hannity’s constant manipulation and insulting behavior.

According to Veterans Today, Dr. Kevin Barrett is a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist. He is the host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO and one of America’s best known critics of the war on terror. An intelligent man, Dr. Barrett has taught at universities and colleges across the globe, and he ran for Congress in 2008.

Every person deserves to be treated with respect during a televised interview. Especially someone as knowledgeable and well educated as Dr. Barrett. This kind of behavior by a popular newscaster only sheds a dark light on FOX News Network and their use of mind control.

Is the news valid if the station blocks us from hearing the truth?

How many things are hidden from us in this incredibly deceptive way? When you see an interview like this on the news, just TURN IT OFF. In this age of technology, the consumer has so many other choices to find out the truth. STOP patronizing these highly unethical “news” stations and search for the truth elsewhere. and are two of many great and truthful sources.

Watch this video and be amazed at the blatant mind-control and manipulation by Sean Hannity. You will see some of the techniques that are being used against all of us on a daily basis. BE AWARE that almost all of the public media stations use these methods on us everyday to control and mold our minds. Keep your head squarely between your shoulders and your feet firmly on the ground.


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