No Blacks Allowed – AL Supreme Court Just Ruled 2 Times!

U.S. Supreme Court vacates Alabama ruling on exclusion of blacks from capital murder jury

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ordered the case of an Alabama Death Row inmate, who was convicted in the 1992 slaying at a Houston County convenience store, be sent back to the Alabama Supreme Court to re-consider his appeal regarding the exclusion of blacks from serving on the jury.

In its decision the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the Alabama court to reconsider the appeal by death row inmate Christopher A. Floyd in light of its ruling in another capital murder case out of Georgia, Foster v. Chatman, earlier this year. That case also regarded the exclusion of jurors by prosecutors.

Floyd was convicted and sentenced to die after a 2005 trial in the 1992 shooting death of Waylon Crawford during a robbery at Waller’s Grocery, a convenience store in Ashford.

Floyd, who is white, was convicted by an all-white jury.

The Alabama Supreme Court last year upheld a lower court ruling that says prosecutors properly explained their reasons from excluding potential black jurors from serving.


The Alabama Supreme Court is upholding the conviction of a man on death row for a slaying in Houston County.

A decision released Friday rejects Christopher Anthony Floyd’s arguments seeking a new trial in the killing of Waylon Crawford.

Crawford was shot to death during a robbery at a convenience store in Ashford in 1992, but Floyd wasn’t put on trial until 2005.

He was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to die.


EJI has documented that, from 2005-2009, 80% of the African Americans qualified for jury service were excluded by Houston County prosecutors in death penalty cases.

As a result, half of these juries were all-white and the remainder had only a single black member, despite the fact that Houston County is 27% African-American.




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