No, President Trump Didn’t Get Rid Of “A Free Trade Deal”

By Chris Rossini

Government is a destroyer, but it doesn’t just destroy physical and tangible things. It also destroys intangible things like language and the meaning of words. For example, did you know that originally “liberals” were individuals that believed in liberty and were against government intervention? Today, the word “liberal” means the exact opposite.

Today, we read in the government-licensed press that President Trump has signed an executive order removing the U.S. from a “free trade agreement” known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Washington Post tells us:A Republican president signed an executive order getting rid of a free trade deal on Monday.

That is a sentence that seemed hugely unlikely just two short years ago. Free trade, after all, has been a hallmark of the pro-free market and pro-business Republican Party. When these free trade agreements have drawn opposition, it’s generally been Democrats leading the charge.Complete nonsense.

President Trump did not get rid of a

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