COP Shoots Partner, Blames Suspect; Both Shoot Cuffed Man in Back Multiple Times (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Some people shouldn’t be Police Officers

Los Angeles Deputies Murdered Noel Aguilar While Handcuffed in Retaliation for Shooting Partner

Turned out he actually shot his own partner before they both murdered Aguilar.

You probably never hear about Noel Aguilar because he was not Black. And he was actually murdered. This does not fit the narrative that police brutality is directed at black people. It also doesn’t fit the narrative that he was actually armed and dangerous. So you get a media blackout.

Los Angeles Deputies shot this man multiple times point blank while handcuffed. This is murder. This happens every day, to people of every race. Why? Because we don’t hold public servants accountable.

These officers were not charged.


LA Times reports:

As the deputies tried to clap handcuffs on Aguilar, who was resisting arrest and was believed to have a gun, one deputy shot at Aguilar but hit his partner instead.

Aguilar continued to wrestle with the deputies.

“I didn’t shoot nobody,” Aguilar insisted before both deputies shot him at point-blank range.



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