North Korea Increases War Preparations

Iran & Russia's nuclear deal

Kim Jong-Un has ordered his troops to take an even stronger war stance.

North KoreaNorth Korea has deployed “more than two thirds of its submarines from ports and doubled its front-line artillery forces.” This is officially the most tension in the Korean Peninsula since Kim Jong-Un took power of North Korea in 2011. Recently, Kim Jong-Un threatened to attack the USA “on their own soil” if they participated in War Drills with South Korea and several other nations.

The War Drills were held as planned.

It seems that the world’s failure to comply with Kim’s demands has upset him. Now he is throwing a tantrum like the spoiled child that he certainly is; a spoiled child with “at least 10 nuclear warheads” and Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs).

Weren’t North & South Korea at peace?

Two South Korean soldiers were injured Aug. 4 by land mines that officials in Seoul believe were set by North Korea. North Korea, or course, denied the allegations. South Korea then responded by resuming the broadcast of anti-Pyongyang propaganda through loudspeakers across the demilitarized zone (DMZ) after ceasing 11 years ago. On Thursday, South Korean officials said that North Korea fired shells into its territory. Then they subsequently responded with a barrage of their own artillery fire.

This dire conflict is still escalating and has the risk of affecting the world.

U.S. and South Korean military scrambled 8 fighter jets on Saturday as a show of force. South Korean President, Park Geun Hye has refused to comply with “Supreme Leader” Kim’s demand to stop broadcasting propaganda across the DMZ. According to North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency: their troops are “eagerly awaiting and order to inflict a shower of fire on their foes”. So far this situation is looking potentially more disastrous every day. Over 2.8 Million people died or disappeared during the last Korean War…

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