Breaking: NSA’s Deal With AT&T Leaked By Snowden

NSA’S deal with AT&T has been leaked by Edward Snowden. Wireless company AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T), worked very closely on a partnership with the NSA (National Security Agency) for decades. This deal would give the NSA access to information about billions of AT&T user’s emails.

According to the latest report by New York Times and ProPublica, the documents from National Security Agency (NSA) have been leaked by former agency contractor, Edward Snowden. According to these documents, AT&T, Inc. (T) gave the NSA access to the information related to emails sent on its networks, and also gives the agency permission to monitor the confidential communications within the United Nations. It was also said in the article, that within the limits of legal rules AT&T provided the information. (NYT, 2015)

When Edward Snowden released documents that exposed that the NSA was spying on American Citizens, an uproar was heard from the American People.  People were angry because they didn’t appreciate having their 4th Amendment right to privacy violated. Will these new revelations hurt AT&T’s business? According to this new leak, this mobile giant has been the main accomplice to the NSA. According to the New York Times:

The N.S.A.’s top-secret budget in 2013 for the AT&T partnership was more than twice that of the next-largest such program, according to the documents. The company installed surveillance equipment in at least 17 of its Internet hubs on American soil, far more than its similarly sized competitor, Verizon. And its engineers were the first to try out new surveillance technologies invented by the eavesdropping agency.

One document reminds N.S.A. officials to be polite when visiting AT&T facilities, noting, “This is a partnership, not a contractual relationship.”

We, The People are starting to get tired of finding out that all the “crazy conspiracy theorists” have been right the whole time.



New York Times, 2015,

New York Times, 2015




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