Nuclear Weapons Facility Incirlik Threatened “Close” or “More Terror Attacks”

The United States Accused Of Creating Coup In Turkey

Angry military personnel, police officers and citizens of Turkey surrounded the NATO nuclear facility, Incirlik, last week. The facility is to be closed since this recent unrest has led to an extreme anti-American culture. Eminent danger is obviously a concern. 

The Incirlik military base may be closed in Turkey soon. Local residents and community organizations express this requirement in the form of protests against the US. According to them, the tanker aircrafts at the NATO air base helped to fuel aircrafts involved in the coup attempt.

Political parties and public organizations in Adana (where Incirlik is located) demand to close the airbase. Local residents earn a living by working for military services from the US and other countries complain about the economic losses and tell Americans do not leave the territory of the base, as they have fear the reaction of local residents.

Now the police is providing security at a high level after the attempt of a military coup, keeping all ins and outs of the air base under strict control. The police is vigilance in respect of anti-American actions. After the message that the coup was the control center of the Incirlik airbase, many non-governmental organizations, especially the Anatolian Youth Union (AGD) began to organize protests against the United States.

Chairman of the regional branch of the party Rodinan (Vatan) Selver Kaplan said:

“The base is used by the US and Germany, but the main host is the United States. Therefore, we demand the confiscation of the air base. The US rented and used it, as the territory of Incirlik. We demand cancellation of this agreement. We do not require a full closure of the base, but only for US aircraft and other foreign countries”, the chairman explained.

According to her, if the air base is not closed for the United States and other countries attacks will continue. “Our police, military and people will be attacked because Incirlik is the reason of all acts of terrorism.


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