NWO Fears Trump: ‘We Need an America That Is Committed to World Affairs’

That’s right, the NWO fears Trump. President-elect Donald Trump is the Globalist Elite’s worst nightmare.

The mainstream media may be baffled at the outcome of the presidential election and the failure of Hillary Clinton to win her White House bid, but the United Nations is outright fearful of Donald Trump and what his rise in political power means for the future of the global body.

And no wonder: Trump’s been an outspoken critic of the United Nations, blasting the body for corruption, waste and fraud.

In March, for instance, to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Trump said: “The United Nations is not a friend of democracy. It’s not a friend of freedom. It’s not a friend even to the United States of America.”

So it’s with trepidation that many affiliated with the United Nations are now viewing a Trump presidency.

Key players with the United Nations are fearful of a Donald Trump presidency.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon waxed diplomatic, saying only that he hoped Trump would “strengthen the bonds of international cooperation,” Reuters reported.

But others were more open with their worry.

“More than ever, we need an American that is committed to world affairs, including at the United Nations,” said France’s ambassador to the United Nations, Francois Delattre, Reuters reported.

Others slammed Trump for a perceived failure to grasp crucial details of foreign policy.

From Reuters:

“A senior Security Council diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Trump’s foreign policy had so far “not been very coherent” and his victory did not bode well for the future effectiveness of the council.

“The assumption is that (a Trump administration) will be less engaged with U.N. than (President Barack) Obama’s administration, which was more committed to working for collective solutions than previous U.S. administrations,’ the diplomat said.

“Several U.N. diplomats noted a lack clarity from Trump on foreign policy.

“‘We have not really heard a very clear indication of where he is going,’ Iraq’s U.N. Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim told reporters on Wednesday, adding that he believed the United Nations would remain relevant.

“‘If there is any change in the policy we will then determine later on what we’re going to do with that,’ he said. ‘Others were saying this is similar to Brexit, but this is what the Americans selected.’”

“Yemen’s U.N. Ambassador Khaled Alyemany said he hoped the ‘new president will contribute positively to resolve the crises in the Middle East,’ acknowledging that Trump had not laid out a foreign policy plan for people to see.”

It was just a few short weeks ago that key players at the United Nations were speaking out boldly against a Trump presidency, issuing warnings about what that scenario would mean for the security of the world.

Again, from Reuters:

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, last month warned that the world would be in danger if Trump was elected president. Zeid would continue to call out any Trump policies or practices that undermine or violate human rights, his spokesman said.

“A western diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, summed up how Trump’s victory could impact the United Nations: ‘I think there will be a long hangover.’”

Source: U.N. Fearful of Trump: ‘We Need an America That Is Committed to World Affairs’ – The Geller Report

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