Obama Allowing Terrorists into America!

Before you can gain citizenship to America there is one major security check.  The Immigration and Nationality Act has a section that “disallows terrorists”, section 212.

The Obama Administration, Secretary Kerry namely, found a way to use this section that “disallows terrorists” from gaining U.S. citizenship – to give them citizenship. Normally, I don’t get personal in my articles but “holy fucking shit”.

Believe it or not the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services made it a real pain in the ass to find the law that allowed this to happen…I took a screenshot. If you would like to read it in bigger print – follow this link and look for section 212(d)(3)(B)(i).

Here is the authority exercised by Barack Hussein Obama’s administration:

Obama Exercises Authority Under Immigration and Nationality Act Section 212 d 3 b i

So in 2007, George Bush allowed for waivers to be granted under the Immigration and Nationality Act to certain persons who had not “materially” participated or contributed to terrorism. If you want to read the law in more depth and in larger print follow this link. Here is the law that allowed that:

Bush Passed Immigration and Nationality Act Terrorist Waiver Law

Basically, the law now reads that waivers can be given to individuals who are seen to be acting under “duress” even if they materially participated in terrorism.  Infowars and JudicialWatch reported on this recently saying that nearly 1500 people have been exempt or given waivers that exclude them from the “terrorist” category and grant them citizenship since February 5, 2014.  On that day Secretary Kerry, under President Obama’s watch, exercised the authority above…if you want to read the new law in more depth, follow this link. Here is the main content:

Secretary Kerry exercises power to grant duress waivers to terrorist immigrants

Insanity Does Not Explain This. Incompetence Does.


Department of Homeland Security

Government Printing Office

Office of the Federal Registrar

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