Obama Demands Gun Control

Calling it “Common Sense Gun Safety Laws” Obama says, “Prayers are Not Enough.”

At the podium today in response to the Oregon school shooting, Obama said “There is roughly a gun for every man, woman and child in America.” (Which is one major reason why America is seen as the most powerful nation on Earth) After that statement, Obama said, “How can more guns make us safer?” Suggesting we need less guns…Saying this is not a good thing. How then should the American people expect to protect themselves?

Obama Tweeted About Gun Control 5 Hours Before the Oregon Shooting

Oregon Shooting Hoax

These are the types of statements that follow Barack Obama’s “Common Sense Gun Safety Laws” rhetoric. Instead of suggesting an actual gun safety law, Obama suggests taking away guns. Knives actually kill more people than any other weapon in America. The true agenda is to constrain, restrain, command, dominate, repress, suppress and master the American people. The truth is instead of helping the mentally ill or dangerously confused people of the world…well you can listen for yourself.

Watch Obama’s Hate Speech Here

Obama Wants to Take your Guns

This is not the first time there has been a politician suggesting Americans turn in their guns. Obama said to day, “We have to change our laws, and I am going to come out and say this every time this happens.” That is a true reflection of what Obama has done in almost identical words after every shooting that gets national attention. Suggesting guns should be taken away from American citizens, is not a solution anyone should consider. The armament of American citizens is the highest priority in national security and the number one reason America has not been invaded by any foreign territory in hundreds of years.

The second amendment was created to ensure American citizens have a means of protecting themselves from the government or any opposing force, including other nations and criminals. There is no way around the second amendment for Obama or any other politician without repealing this part of the Bill of Rights.

Since the repeal of second amendment is not going to happen. Gun control activists have resorted to demonizing and arresting second amendment activists. Just today at a rally for open carry gun laws at the University of Texas 2 citizens were arrested for holding signs that supported gun control under the charge of “criminal trespassing” on a public campus. The gun control agenda has truly become a form of systematic and government enforced oppression in America.

Second Amendment Activists Arrested for Holding a Sign

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