Obama Will Ignore the Supreme Court Ruling on Immigration

Obama says that Supreme Court ruling doesn’t matter

Tyrant in chief will continue his dictatorial actions

“The deferred action policy that has been in place for the last four years is not affected by this ruling. Enforcement priorities developed by my administration are not affected by this ruling. This means that the people who might have benefited from the expanded deferred action policies — long-term residents raising children who are Americans or legal residents — they will remain low priorities for enforcement. As long as you have not committed a crime, our limited immigration enforcement resources are not focused on you.” – Obama

Obama has decided to ignore the checks and balances put in place to prevent government corruption. He is now going into the territory of treason against the American people.

The Supreme Court was created as an automatic way that our government could prevent corruption from the other 2 branches. The three separate branches were created to keep each other in check. When this system is ignored, we have a serious problem.

This tyrant has pushed America to the brink.

Always remember that this nation was built with the blood of people who died for our freedom. It runs in our DNA. Revolution is an inevitability if the USA continues down this heavily worn path.

Right now the world is caught up in a revolution of thought and spirit. It can quickly turn bloody if the will of the people is not respected.

Source: Live Updates: President Obama on the Supreme Court Ruling on Immigration Reform | whitehouse.gov

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