Obama Releases Guantanamo Bombmaking Terrorist Back To Battlefield

Obama’s neglect to protect America has become insatiable.

Obaidullah appeared before the PRB in April as part of an Obama administration attempt to determine if some of the prisoners who have been held without charge can be released as part of the effort to close the prison in Cuba.

There are 80 prisoners still held at Guantánamo, including 28 cleared for release.


“US forces captured Obaidullah during a raid in Afghanistan in July 2002 when he was about 19. They found about 20 unactivated land mines buried in a field near his home. Authorities later concluded he was part of a bomb cell linked to al-Qaida, an allegation his lawyers have denied.”

Why Was OBAIDULLAH Detained In Guantanamo?

Obaidullah — an Afghan who uses only one name. He is accused of working with al Qaeda in Afghanistan, hiding mines and other explosives at his residence and having a notebook that included instructions on how to use them.

I think that is good enough reason to imprison a person for life. Thousands of American soldiers have died from such mines and explosives. Obama wants this guy back on the battle field.

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Lowest Priced Advertisements.