Obama Vetoes National Defense in Support of Terrorists in Gitmo

Obama has vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2016 because it had spending caps in place. The NDAA is what funds our military…

USA Today spun the story as if Obama vetoed the bill because it was too expensive. However, according their own words “The president wants Congress to lift the automatic budget caps included in a 2011 budget agreement”. In case you don’t know, a budget cap is a limit on how much can be spent on something. Obama also threatened to do this if the military refused to close down Guantanamo Bay and free the terrorists. It looks like he stayed true to his word for once…
(USA TODAY, 2015)

It is interesting that Obama would not veto the NDAA over the Indefinite Detention of American Citizens without trial, but he would veto it to enable his administration to proceed with their Coup De’ Tat. Since Obama took office our national debt has gone from $6.7 Trillion Dollars to 18.4 Trillion Dollars. During Obama’s terms in office our national debt has gone up 11.7 TRILLION DOLLARS! In case you didn’t know, that is almost 3x higher than it was. How can a President spend 2 times more than EVERY other President before him COMBINED???

I don’t like Boehner at all but I agree with what he said about Obama’s actions:

“The president has vowed to veto it. Why? Because he wants to stop and spend more money on his domestic agenda,”

Obama Vetoes NDAA


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Simply put, Obama cares more about arming DHS with Millions of Bullets, Hiring thousands of IRS Agents to enforce the “Affordable” Care Act, giving money to the Strong Cities Network (an N.W.O. police force), Arming ISIS, Committing False Flag Shootings, Militarizing Police and going on EXTREMELY expensive vacations regularly…. than he will ever care about our Troops or our citizens.

Obama cut our Troops pay because he wasn’t allowed to spend enough of our nation’s money and drive us all further into debt… What a piece of crap.


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