Obama’s Plan to Merge Terrorist’s with Criminals

This Week: Officials from the Pentagon are Surveying Potential American ‘Prisons’ for GITMO Terrorists’ Relocation

The Pentagon reviewed seven American prisons recently as potential spots to relocate Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) detainees. The Pentagon is preparing a plan to submit to the President next week.

This means international terrorists will now be ‘lifers’ in the American prison system. This is a plan to merge terrorist’s with criminals, and further promote the idea that average people are evil and need massive government control. Will these terrorist’s then get a parole hearing too? Will these terrorists be housed with other ‘lifers’ or high risk prisoners in maximum security institutions? The line between reality and the globalist agenda is being blurred even further.

It is common knowledge that prison is like a school for criminals. After this merging of terrorists with criminals in the prison system, the most extreme ideologies of the world, coming from the most extreme, hardcore, criminals of the world, will be forced into American culture even further.

Domestic Terrorism is the Targeted ‘new’ Boogeyman for the World

This “merging” of criminals with terrorists will further blur the lines between the government purported image of a “terrorist” and citizens alike. The word terrorism was first used to describe the French government which was “terrorizing” the people. Today, terrorism is associated with the people terrorizing the government. There has even been a legal definition created to support that view.

The demonization of American patriots and Americans in general has been one major downfall of the last decade. Especially, among the most patriotic and engaged citizens there has been a force of evil working against good.

Read this Article “List of Americans who Are Terrorists according to Government”

This is part of the control system of the globalist cabal and groups with world domination in their plans. Globalization is like a Trojan horse for these people. Controlling language, especially the English language, effects what you think reality is. Language is the tool used to describe reality. If it is corrupted, how will you know what is real? Moreover, how will you know what exists? Or, what is possible?

Consider the Refugee Crisis and the hundreds of thousands of terrorists which are being forced into developed nations from the Middle East. This is a dynamic plan of the globalists. If this actually happens, expect further amping up of the ‘Domestic Terrorist’ boogeyman very soon. Read about the refugee crisis and how it was created by ISIS, who was created by America, to infiltrate the world.

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