Omar Mateen, James Howell, Seddique Mateen, Marcus Robertson & The LGBT Terror Plot of 2016

Plane Tickets To California Link Omar to James?

Earlier This Week A Conflicting Report Came Out Stating James Howell Turned Himself In After Hearing Omar Mateen Was Killed

James Howell 

  1. Reportedly Gay
  2. Worked as Security Guard for ‘Universal Protection Services’ – Largest U.S. Owned Security Firm
  3. Scouted Gay Pride Event
  4. Caught With 3 Rifles & Bomb Materials June 12th, 2016

Omar Mateen

  1. Reportedly Gay
  2. Worked as Security Guard for G4S – Third Largest Corporation on Earth
  3. Scouted Gay Bar
  4. Used Rifle To Kill 49 June 12th, 2016

James Howell was arrested the same day of the PULSE nightclub shooting. Howell was caught with several rifles and bomb materials.

Howell, who’s testimony was published on, was leaked by a former prosecutor in Los Angeles. Two police officers from Santa Monica, who remain unnamed brought the evidence to the media company’s publishers last week. The testimony revealed James Howell was part of a larger plot of terror around the United States. Howell claimed to be part of an operation which Mateen was also included, and at least 3 other terrorists. One named Brandy, who Howell says was part of the Florida cell. Another named Dan, who James Howell was supposed to meet in California and a fifth member who was the 3rd member of the FL cell whom Howell knew of –  but did not know by name.

List of Known Cells and Members of LGBT Terrorist Plot

Indiana Terrorist Cell

James Howell

California Terrorist Cell

Dan (Unknown Last Name)

Florida Terrorist Cell

Omar Mateen

Brandy (Unknown Last Name) – Possibly Noor Salman

(Unknown First and Last Name) – Possibly Marcus Robertson or Seddique Mateen

Today, evidence was released that Omar Mateen bought 3 airline tickets to Los Angeles, scheduled for July.

The tickets were supposedly for Omar Mateen, Noor Salman (Omar’s wife), and child. This may or may not be true. It has been assumed by mainstream media that the tickets were part of an upcoming planned visit to a ‘sick’ family member. Noor Salman, Mateen’s wife who claimed this – she has changed her story several times. She is currently under FBI investigation and has retained an attorney. Were these tickets for the so-called family visit or part of this larger terror plot?

James Howell’s testimony claims there was another member of the terrorist plot whom Howell new by a first name only – Brandy.

Could Brandy be Noor Salman? Omar Mateen’s wife, has been implicated in scouting locations and in having prior knowledge of the attack on PULSE.

Does it end here? Or was she part of this plot.


Orlando IMAM Marcus Robertson Suspicious Interview

– CIA Asset

– Has Been Implicated As The Ring Leader


Robertson denies Omar Mateen was enrolled in his school.

[FOX News claims Mateen was enrolled in Robertson’s school.]

[CBS News claims police say Mateen was enrolled in Robertson’s school]

marcus robertson teacher terrorist omar mateen james howell

Robertson claims confidently there were 4 shooters according to witness and victim of Orlando shooting who was shot 12 times.

[Several other witnesses claim there were more than one shooter]

20/20 News Interviewed A Hostage Who Described Mateen Conference Calling Other Terrorists

[The Orlando police chief also claimed victims could have been killed by SWAT]

Around 14 minutes into the interview, Robertson defends radicalism due to America’s global war on terror killing children in Iraq.

Robertson’s hate boiled over and he showed his true colors. He is obviously passionate about Islam and believes radical actions are justifiable.

Robertson goes on to admit he believes in stoning and murdering for Islam in many circumstances.

When asked if Robertson would “condemn ISIS’s actions”, Robertson says “NO!” – around 19 minutes.

When asked about James Foley’s beheading, Robertson says “I believe some journalists need to be beheaded” – around 22 minutes.

Robertson then goes on to implicate the FBI in the Orlando shooting and gives many examples of the U.S. promoting terrorism.

Seddique Mateen, Omar Mateen’s Father Angry Interview

– CIA Asset

Seddique Mateen is a longtime CIA asset for covert and overt Afghanistan operations. It is clear that Seddique’s overt missions have been mostly political in nature. Seddique repeatedly has met with U.S. State Department leaders and other U.S. government officials. His entire involvement with the U.S. government remains quite secretive.

In the interview below Seddique denounces the acts of his son Omar Mateen.

[Seddique Mateen has been linked to terrorist organizations.]

[Seddique Mateen denies Taliban support]

seddique mateen state department works with united states government

Looming Questions Remain Unanswered

There are now 2 pieces of evidence linking James Howell and Omar Mateen.

1. James Howell’s unconfirmed testimony

2. Plane tickets to California purchased by Omar Mateen

Is Marcus Robertson connected to Seddique Mateen? Is there a CIA relationship yet to be disclosed?

  • Both Marcus Robertson and Seddique Mateen participated in Afghanistan related CIA operations.

Does Marcus Robertson actually radicalize muslims due to his own beliefs or as a CIA/FBI taskforce?

  • Marcus Robertson worked with the CIA before.
  • Marcus Robertson was indicted on many counts of terrorist activities but was not convicted of ‘terrorist’ crimes.
  • This ‘school’ could be Robertson’s payout for relief in those implications or part of another front.

Was James Howell involved with Omar Mateen?

  • Unconfirmed testimony from James Howell suggests so.

Was Noor Salman part of any terror plot?

  • She is currently under investigation.

Were there any more unknown participants in this terror plot?

  • Both investigations into Omar Mateen and James Howell suggest so.

Were these attacks part of a coordinated terror plot?

Who was behind it all?

  • I personally believe it may have been G4S.
  • It could have been the CIA.
  • It could have been the FBI.
  • It could have been ISIS.
  • It could have been a joint operation coordinated from more than one of these agencies.

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