Welcome to the N.W.O – One Global Currency!

Here it comes… The Collapse of the U.S. Dollar and the rollout of a Global Currency. Are you ready for it?

NWO Global Currency Phoenix
Phoenix Currency Rising From the Ashes of US Dollar

Our readers probably know that anytime you mention the NWO and their plans for the World people shrug it off like you’re crazy. You also should know that the only crazy people are the one’s walking around in denial. It’s not as if the Globalists even attempt to hide their plans anymore. I could write an entire article of quotes by them to prove my point but why waste my time? Most sheep don’t care about facts or statistics, just emotions and stereotypes.

Because of this self-imposed ignorance, the Globalists have gotten to this point with very little resistance. When the Dollar collapses how many people are going to die? How many people can even take care of themselves without electricity? There will be no grocery stores to provide them any nourishment. No running water… No gasoline. The list goes on but I won’t waste your time.

This year, Congress declared “Martial Law” two times to force through un-Constitutional Legislation. How does nobody know about this? It’s because the Media didn’t tell you. They will never tell you anything that matters. Instead, they will tell you about Bruce Jenner not feeling like a woman anymore. That’s why you have to do your own research and stay informed.

I suggest that after you are done with this article you go and verify this information. At The Real Strategy, we don’t think that everyone should believe whatever they are told. Unlike the Mainstream Media, we don’t want you to take us at our word. Research, verify, and THINK CRITICALLY! These are vital skills that are REQUIRED for the survival of our species.

The future depends on you…


Congress Declared Martial Law 2 times this summer and nobody knew.

Mark Dice explains the presentation of the “Phoenix” (N.W.O.) Global Currency at the G8 this year.


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