#OpBlackOctober Repay The Bankers

#OpBlackOctober is How we Repay the Bankers

86% of Americans Have Less Than 10K in the Bank

$10,000 won’t do much for you in America anymore. New research shows nearly 300 million Americans have less than 10k in the bank. This means that at any given time, if something breaks on your car, in your home or on your body, then you will be in debt! That’s because 10k is the average cost for a serious medical injury, serious auto repair or serious home repair.

It could be a bad transmission or engine in your vehicle. It could be a slip and fall, or a new air conditioning unit. The facts are that any one of these unforeseeable events will plummet your minor bit of savings into the ground and put you into debt.

American Savings Amounts OpBlackOctober


Why is everyone broke?

The global bankers like it that way. This way the “elites” can keep you busy working. With nearly all money being converted to digital currency, the banks have complete access and control over the future value of a dollar. That means that a dollar today will be worth whatever “they” want it to be tomorrow.

In all honesty, Americans would be doing themselves a favor if they withdrew all of their money and burned it. I am not joking. Every dollar burned, makes the next dollar you earn more valuable, because there are fewer of them available! That’s why it’s a FENLONY (Federal Crime) to burn or destroy money intentionally.

The Fed is printing money like never before

This means that all of those raises you might get, are going to be worthless. For years, the “career path” or “job” you have dedicated you life to has slowly returned what looked like a reward… But it was just an illusion! The Fed’s are destroying all of your hard earned valuable contributions to society. The truth is, you were fooled. People are much more valuable than anything else on Earth. Believing that anyone or anything out there can create some kind of value for you is a real problem today.


As a fight against the bankers ability to manipulate and control global currency and the value of everything, October has been declared the month of payback against the bankers.

The idea is to remove as much money from the banks as humanly possible.

Take your money out of the bankers hands.

You can do what you’d like with it of course.

Use cash to make as many purchases as possible.

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