#OpFreeRasool Reporter Detained in Turkey for Terrorism

Protecting free speech and exposing the truth in Turkey

#OpFreeRasool has begun. Turkish authorities are arresting and detaining nearly every Kurdish reporter in the country. Join the movement against this corruption. Fight back against this totalitarian tyranny and evil.

Mohammed Rasool

Officially, the Turkish government claims “suspicious documents” were found on Rasool’s computer – in a recent press release to the international community. It has been nearly two months since Rasool’s arrest, part of which was Rasool’s 25th birthday.

Vice reporters visit the Middle East constantly. Turkey has chosen to clamp down on free speech by arresting three journalists and charging them with terrorism.

Two of the reporters have been released after the incident received so much attention. Sources say at least 23 other Kurdish reporters are being held right now.

Mohammed Ismael Rasool is still being held in an anonymous location. Any person or reporter who inquires about Rasool is being threatened by the Turkish government.

Rasool, 24, is a freelance reporter who lives in Turkey who has worked with Vice, Associated Press and Al Jazeera.

The two reporters who were detained with Rasool say, “Rasool’s beloved Pinterest account is loaded with beautiful imagery because he’s an incredible freelance journalist, as well as a great fixer and translator. He’s managed to travel the length and breadth of the Middle East at the age of just 24 — working for VICE News, the Associated Press, and Al Jazeera — by using these talents. He is close to completing a Masters degree in international relations, which is now at risk of never being finished.”

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Muhammed Rasul Mohammed Rasool
Mohammed Rasool

Three VICE News journalists were detained in Turkey on August 27, while reporting in the country’s southeast, and charged with working for a terrorist organization — an entirely baseless and absurd accusation.

While Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury were released on September 3 and have since returned to the UK, everyone at VICE News remains extremely concerned for their third colleague, Mohammed Ismael Rasool, who is still being held.

We call on the Turkish authorities to continue their positive course of action in freeing Jake and Philip, and release Rasool immediately.

The two reporters released have written an article called “Leaving my friend Rasool behind and why he must be freed from Turkish prison” That will give you a better idea of how this happened to them.

OpFreeRasool – Anonymous OpTurkey ReEngaged


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