The oPhone – O-(No!) Phone

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The oPhone

Would you like a cup of virtual coffee?

It is now possible to receive a cup of aromatic coffee via your cell phone. The oPhone was created by a team of highly innovative scientists and artists who love coffee so much, they want to breathe in that smooth sumptuous aroma all the time. The Olfactive Project is not just a crazy experiment, but a virtual reality. The universal scent of coffee is only the beginning. Imagine the possibilities.

“Our motto is ‘aroma tells a thousand pictures'”, says Dr. David Edwards, biomedical engineer at Harvard and founder of Le Laboratoire and co-creator of the oPhone.

The oPhone is actually a sophisticated device invented by Dr. David Edwards and Rachel Field (his former student at Harvard). Through a pair of cylindrical receivers that attach to your phone you can send and receive scented messages, tantalizing your nasal passages with delicious aromas. A menu of scents created by Dr. Edwards along with Paris perfumers Givaudan and baristas Café Coutume, are contained in ‘Ochips’ and released when heated.  All you have to do is push a button.

The sense of smell is a mostly untapped resource with a potential that technology is just beginning to discover. Advertising has been able to use our visual, auditory and emotional senses to brainwash us into buying their products and eating their food. Think how much more effective their brainwashing will be when they are able to add the olfactory sense to this controlling mix. Will we be more likely to order that mouthwatering pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese when we not only see an attractive actor scarfing it down with abandon, but also can breathe in the delicious aroma of a Chicago pizzeria?

According to Sarah Dowdy the sense of smell is used in scent marketing anywhere and everywhere. Have you ever noticed the subtle scents infused into the air at department stores? You barely notice the fragrance, but your subconscious mind picks up on it right away.  These scents are chosen specifically to make you more receptive to buying their merchandise. Odorants can stimulate the memory center of your brain. These powerful memories influence your mood, causing you to feel good. Your subconscious mind connects this good feeling with whatever you are looking at. The desired affect is achieved and the product is sold.

The future holds endless possibilities for the use of scent marketing in television and movies. Once this product is perfected to be used this way, we are in for the sensatory ride of our lives.  Next it will be smell-o-vision and smell-o-auditory (radios and music). We won’t have enough money to spend on all of the products we will “want” to buy.

…….And the brainwashing continues!

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