#OpNestle Anonymous Exposes Nestle Corruption

September 5th Anonymous Will Confront Nestle

In 2014 Nestle made 91.6 Billion dollars, 6.9 of which came from selling the Earths water to people everywhere. Several areas of the world are restricted to certain corporate or government access. Water rights, the right to the Earths water are being sold by our governments to corporations like Nestle. When countless areas are limiting water usage to individuals, corporations like Nestle are running the aquifers dry. OpNestle has begun.

In Hillsburgh, Ontario Nestle has a permit to pump 3.6 million liters a day. Nestle only pays 3.71 cents per 1.1 million liters of water it pumps. Water sold by Nestle here is marked up 53,000,000%! This happens year round with no restrictions even during droughts. Although, local residents of Hillsburgh are restricted on their water usage. Also, Hillsburgh residents are charged much more for their water. Nestle pays 1/10 of 1% what the residents are paying reportedly. Canadian Anons also support OpNestle.

According to local residents: “In our Grand River watershed, we are much more dependent on groundwater for our source of drinking water than most other places in Ontario, maybe most other places in Canada, with the exception of Prince Edward Island” SOURCE: Yahoo News – https://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/bottled-water-giant-nestl%C3%A9-showdown-ontario-conservation-group-185148923.html

In California there has been drought after drought. Nestle continues to pump water from the aquifers with no oversight. Residents are forced to cut back water usage to near drops per day…literally. Californians buy so much bottled water due to the restrictions that some people spend 10% of their income on bottled water. OpNestle is necessary.

In May, CEO Tim Brown released the following statement: “Nestle CEO Tim Brown declared he had no intentions of pulling his water sourcing operations out of the state. If anything, he said in a radio interview, he would like to increase operations.” SOURCE: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/may/20/nestle-water-bottling-california-drought

OpNestle began in January 23, 2012

OpNestle started with a single Anon on twitter who posted from @unsereunibern. Also, the Swiss Activist group, “Swiss Coalition for Corporate Justice” (SCCJ), perhaps the largest single organization involved has stood up against Nestle’s monopolization on water rights. The SCCJ has had many successes in Switzerland. Nestle Global Headquarters is also located in Switzerland. Nestle is on their list. OpNestle has surrounded the Nestle Corporation at its heart.

Since this first tweet #OpNestle in 2012, Anons around the world have taken to the Operation with protests in nearly every location where Nestle does business. September 2, 2015, a Netherlands branch of Anonymous released a statement warning Nestle of a confrontation on September 5. April 23, another Anon released the following video warning Nestle of impeding accountability.

The world will be waiting for the outcome. If you care about water and corrupt corporations aiming to control every drop you consume. Join the movement.

In the Netherlands the Anon group posted the following message:

Sept. 25, 2015:
A protest at the HQ of Nestle in Amstelveen
# OpNestlé Address of the HQ: Stroombaan 14 1181 VX Amstelveen Lets meet up at the central station in Amstelveen and travel to Their HQ together. Join the operation group too: https: // www .facebook.com / groups / 1602850273306072 / SOURCE: http://nl.eventhint.com/evenementen/562978/anonymous-operation-nestle-street-action-opnestle

At least 100 people have pledged to show up.


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