Paternity Lawsuit: Bill Clinton’s Black Son

Bill Clinton, YOU ARE MY FATHER!

NEW YORK – In the hours before the third and final presidential debate, attorneys for Danney Williams, the 30-year-old who has for decades claimed to be the black son of Bill Clinton, were in Las Vegas to announce their intention to file a paternity suit demanding DNA evidence from the former president.

Accompanying the dramatic announcement is a rap music video celebrating Williams that has begun to go viral on the Internet.

“Justice for Danney Williams” is the title of the piece produced by the act Freenauts. It can be found on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

George V. Gates IV of New Orleans and Bruce Fein, of Washington, D.C., held a press conference Wednesday with Williams in Las Vegas, the site of the debate.



The 30-year-old father says he has written letters to Bill Clinton, sent him emails, wrote letters to his presidential library, and even tried to contact the former POTUS via Facebook, but he has never received a response. Williams has also disputed an account published by the Star that a proper DNA test disproving the Clinton paternity was previously conducted.

In a video called “Banished” released last week, Williams likened his treatment by the Clintons to the way the wife of a slave owner would exile a child from the plantation if he or she was the offspring of the slave owner and a slave.

“I always feel bad about him not wanting to be in my life. Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? Why he don’t want to be a part of me? It made me even think of sometimes suicide,” he explained in the video narration.

Williams was often shuttled off to foster homes while his alleged stepsister Chelsea Clinton grew up a child of privilege, he notes in the video.


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