Paul Ryan Allows Vote on Gun Ban Without Any Due Process!

Paul Ryan Caves to Tyranical Democrats

Congress will be voting on unconstitutional gun ban, triggering inevitable revolution if passed

democratic leaders throw tantrum ready to play duck duck goose nobillnobreak
Democratic Leadership prepares to play Duck Duck Goose.

After House Democrats threw a temper tantrum Paul Ryan caved like the coward he is. Now the Congress is actually considering taking away YOUR RIGHTS! Mr. Ryan is allowing a vote on a gun ban without due process.

Terror Watch list is bogus

Everyone knows that the “terror watch list” is bullshit. There is no due process, no court hearings, no chance to defend yourself; you are just put on a list without your knowledge. This list already restricts the freedom to travel of many innocent people.

List of Americans who are Terrorists according to Government

In fact, many notable people are on the “terror watch list”. Even Congress members and judges who have never been suspected of terrorist connections in their lives. Yet DHS seems to think they are above due process. DHS thinks that YOU are their slave. What do you think about that?

Now the scumbags in Washington see fit to restrict your 2nd Amendment Rights with the same UNCONSTITUTIONAL manipulations of emotional idiots.

We are all watching. Everyone will be held accountable, including you, Mr. Ryan.

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Breitbart reports:

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) will allow a vote on legislation dealing with terrorism and guns next week.

The details of the legislation have not been made available, but Roll Call reports that Ryan told House Republicans about the vote during a June 30 conference call.

During the call, Ryan said it is “common sense that suspects on terror watch lists not be able to buy guns.” His announcement of this scheduled vote comes one week after House Democrats ended their 25-hour sit-in for gun control.

Source: Paul Ryan Blinks: Will Allow Vote on Gun Control Next Week

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